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The world would be a sad place if there were no music! ~~~~~~~Long live Rock and Roll & The Mighty KMET!


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PostSubject: For Your Information   For Your Information EmptyTue Nov 12, 2013 4:43 pm

It has come to my attention that the name Mighty KMET was associated with someone, who had once tried to bring back the dream with failure, and possibly did something distasteful in the process. I just became aware of this on Sunday.

This is to inform you we are NOT the same person or group from 2 years ago. We are not asking for money, nor are we selling anything. Any merchandise that you might see here or on the website, is an affiliation to the original products themselves, such as Patrick Kelley's book. Any links you find to it, placed there by this website go directly to the originally product link, and the sales go to the owner of the merchandise, which in the above case would be PK, the author of the book.

We are not here to make money, we are here to be part of something we all have missed greatly, and recapture the spirit, and spread it to a new generation of fans and followers. I hope many of you will follow and help.
Our mission statement is:

"We are a network of loyal and dedicated fans of the de-funct radio station KMET 94.7. Our goal is to revive the spirit of the radio station once referred to as The Mighty KMet , and re-establish an American Iconic Dream! The WhooYa! Generation is still Alive & Well, and with a growing team effort, intend to bring that spirit back to the air, in the form of today's modern internet. If you were a fan of KMET, Jim Ladd, Paraquat Kelley and the whole zany crew, join us in a TEAM Effort to Bring Back The Mighty Met on Internet Radio. This website is dedicated to this effort!"

One of my best friends when I lived in Los Angeles, was a wonderful girl named Kim Baersch, who worked closely with Sam B, at the offices., I have not been able to make any direct contact with her since being on Facebook, and if anyone knows her, I would appreciate a heads up. Another admin on this page has had direct contact with many of the old staff, and has worked with them to help compile a collection of old kmet material.

We know some have attacked this project, and injected negativity, or tried to, because they believe we are out to make money, and I say, there will always be those kind of people, and I personally choose to never let those type of people get in the way. Research has been done here, and so far we are well within our rights by name and trademark, as someone close to me, actually owns the trademark for KMET.

With that said, I hope any and all of you will join us, in both reliving the spirit, and reviving it! WhooYa!

sunny KARMA WORKS flower
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