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 Tips On Setting Up Your Profiles

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PostSubject: Tips On Setting Up Your Profiles   Tips On Setting Up Your Profiles EmptyTue Nov 12, 2013 3:55 am


Tips On Setting Up Your Profiles Profil12

- Allow members to contact me by email : Select by a website form to keep the usual way, or by client email software if you want the other members to contact you using their software (Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc...).
If you select no, this icon :  Tips On Setting Up Your Profiles Icon_email  won't be displayed when a member looks at your profile.

- Hide your online status : If you select yes, you will appear as a Hidden member in the Who Is On Line.
Please note that the administrators are able to see the hidden members, and so can the moderators (if this option is activated).
Note: However, you will appear in the "Members connected during last X hours"

- Always notify me of replies : Select yes to receive an E-Mail when a reply is posted in a topic you are participing to (this mail is often considered as spam by some mail adresses (like Hotmail for exemple).

- Pop up window on new Private Message : If you select yes, a new window will open as a pop up when you receive a PM (the pop-up window will open if you are on the forum only).

Tips On Setting Up Your Profiles Icon_exclaim Important :Some web browsers prevent the pop-ups from appearing.

- Always attach my signature : Check this box if you want to add automaticaly your signature at the bottom of each of your posts, or only at the bottom of some of the posts (by checking the box Attach my signature when replying to a post).

- Always allow BBCode, HTML, Smilies : As for the signature, you can choose to activate these options for all of your posts, or only for some of them.

- Board Language : You can choose here in wich language the forum will be displayed (except for the members' posts, and the sections' names, of course)

- Timezone : Here you can set the time of your country, wich will be displayed in posts

- Date format : Here, you can choose from the menu the diplay format of the date on the forum.

Tips On Setting Up Your Profiles Profil12

Avatars & Signatures

Your Avatar

You can edit your Avatar by visiting your profile settings by clicking on the "Profile" link in the top navigation bar. Click further on the tab "Avatar".

Tips On Setting Up Your Profiles Profil13

Notice : The Browse button's language depends on your browser's language, so if your browser is in French, you will have "Parcourir" instead of "Browse"

- Upload Avatar from your machine: If the picture you want as an avatar is on your PC, simply click on browse, and then select the image on your PC. Note that it's width must not exceed 150 pixels, it's height not 200 pixels. The filesize must be kept below 64kb. If you upload an image larger in filesize, you'll get an error-message. However, if you are uploading an image that exceeds the maximum dimensions, your picture will get resized automatically. This will in most cases destroy the pictures transparency and quality, so be sure to not exceed the limits.

- Upload Avatar from a URL: If you find the perfect image on a website, all you have to do is to copy the image's address, and then paste it into the form and save.
It's width can be no greater than 150 pixels, the height no greater than 200 pixels. Beware of images wich are under copyright.

- Link to off-site Avatar: The same as before. The only difference is that the image's height and width can be greater than 150*200 pixels. Beware of images wich are under copyright. It's also highly recommended to re-host all images on your own image-hosting service (ServImg or Photobucket for example), as you'd otherwise use the bandwith of the server that contains the original picture - this would be illegal!!

- Select Avatar from gallery: You can also choose an image from the forum gallery, if you don't want to browse the web to find one. This option has to be enabled in your admin panel if this has not been done already (Display >> Avatars >> Avatar Gallery). Here ("Personal Avatars" - tab) you can also add or remove images to this gallery. The space is limited though.

Important : The dimension limits of the avatars can be modified by the administrators within the admin panel:

Display >> Avatars >> Avatar Gallery => and further switch to the "Personal Avatars" tab

Tips On Setting Up Your Profiles Profil21

Your Signature

Signature settings are to be changed in your profile settings as well (in the top navigation bar) - just switch to the "Signature" tab there. The signature space is limited to 500 characters, this cannot be increased. You can use bbCode and HTML as well in your sig, if it has been allowed by the administrators in the admin panel (General >> Forum >> Messages & Email >> Allow HTML / BBCode).

My Signature is not displayed, what should I do?

In general, there are two settings that could be the reason for your sig not to be displayed. The first one is in your admin panel, where you can allow or deny the use of signatures on a global level. Go to "Users & Groups / Users / User Options" and set "Allow Signatures" to YES.

The second option can be found in your personal profile settings. Go to "Profile >> Preferences" and enable the option "Always attach my signature". Your signature should now be attached to all posts you make, if you actually have content in it.

Note: On some forum versions, it's possible that you still won't see your signatures on posts you have already made, although you have activated all necessary options. There is no other way to change this than to edit those posts and mark the box "attach my signature to this post" and save.

Topics Watched

Tips On Setting Up Your Profiles Profil14

Here will be displayed a list of all the topics you have decided to "watch" (useful to see quickly if there are answers to the topics that seem interesting to you)

To watch a topic : While reading the topic, all you have to do is to check the box Watch this topic for replies, located above the quick reply box (to the right  Wink )

Tips On Setting Up Your Profiles Profil15

To stop watching a topic : You can do that from your profile, or by checking the box Stop watching this topic while reading it  Wink

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Tips On Setting Up Your Profiles
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